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Re: OT: Darwin

Bjoern Berg wrote:
On Freitag, 7. September 2001 20:34  MaX in the FaX wrote:

On Fri, 2001-09-07 at 14:27, "Berg, Björn" wrote:

I know, it's a little bit off topic, but has someone used Darwin here on
his Apple Macintosh? What do you think about it. Is it an alternative to

Actually I don't think that someone can use darwin out of a developer

That's something I want to hear. Thanx a lot. So we have to wait until Darwin is possible to use for everyone.

Perhaps you should wait not only for usability, but also for politics. Apple's license on Darwin isn't free, and the goodies that compensate for Darwin's problems aren't even available -- they're part of Mac OS X only.

Darwin is not an OS for everyone. It's just the source code Apple "released" (actually relicensed from BSD, and a more restrictive license at that than the original one) so that they could get hackers outside of Apple's corporate walls to contribute without ever releasing the source code for the more interesting parts of Mac OS X -- namely, the ones not originally part of BSD or GNU.

If you need an alternative to GNU/Linux, at least try NetBSD -- it's free and it's a full OS, and does not carry that stupid Mach dead weight. But actually, why would one want an alternative to GNU/Linux on the PowerPC? Actually what we want is debugged installation, because GNU/Linux is already good enough, once you get it running.

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