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Re: A couple of more issues...

At 11:49 AM -0400 9/4/01, Colin Walters wrote:
 > - The penguin logo is still sitting at the top left corner all the
 time, blocking about 4 lines of screen. I can't get rid of it. I
 tried everything in yaboot.conf (video=ofonly, video=atyfb,
 video=aty128fb in various combinations). Looks like an add banner in
 my console. I wonder what is causing it to happen. At one point I
 didn't have that, that was with 2.2.19 I think (there have been so
 many configs I tried... I kinda forgot.)

Ethan suggested "setterm -reset" in another thread.  Does that work?
I've never seen this on my tibook though.

I get this on my 7200 running potato + quik (got when I used BootX too). Haven't tried setterm -reset, but flipping to another terminal (cmd+right arrow) and then back fixes it. Since 99% of the time I connect via ssh I've never looked into the problem.


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