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xine 0.5.2 and performance

I guess this question is more for Michel Daenzer, but i'll field it
to the rest of the list:

In april, Michel posted deb's for xine-4.0.01.  video plays very nice,
and audio stays in sync pretty well.  

I stole siggi's debification of xine-ui and xine-libs 0.5.2 and
rebuilt them ( heh, i'm impatient: i want to watch movies on a flight
tomorrow :>  ) but now sound plays really badly. 

my main question is how can xine-4.0.01 be so much faster than
xine-0.5.2, considering that there have allegedly been big performance
improvements in xine since 4.0.01 ... or maybe there haven't been any
improvements after all.  Michel: did you just use the stock compiler
optimizations when you built your xine debs ?


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