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Re: A couple of more issues...

Laurent de Segur <ldesegur@mac.com> writes:

> - There is some garbage just after kernel starts booting. By garbage
> I mean some green semi-graphic rectangular shape in the middle of
> the display.  Reminds me the TRS-80 (these were the good old
> days...)

Garbage?  And here I thought the kernel maintainers were giving us
some abstract art to look at while booting...

> - The penguin logo is still sitting at the top left corner all the
> time, blocking about 4 lines of screen. I can't get rid of it. I
> tried everything in yaboot.conf (video=ofonly, video=atyfb,
> video=aty128fb in various combinations). Looks like an add banner in
> my console. I wonder what is causing it to happen. At one point I
> didn't have that, that was with 2.2.19 I think (there have been so
> many configs I tried... I kinda forgot.)

Ethan suggested "setterm -reset" in another thread.  Does that work?
I've never seen this on my tibook though.

> - Finally X windows won't start up. Period. It has nothing to do
> with kernel 2.4.8. It has been like that even since I did the update
> to woody. If I enter the command startx, it tells me that it can't
> stat /etc/X11/X. 

Hm, strange.  Do you have the `xserver-xfree86' package installed?

> All of that after a simple testing upgrade on top of stable (which I
> need because XF86 3.x won't work with aty128 on iBook.) What's weird
> is that I had to go and edit the inittab to bump the run level from
> 2->5. Installing X, I thought that it would do that for me. I
> thought wrong.

Er, why would installing X change the default runlevel?  In Debian,
the runlevels (well, 2-5) are there for your customization; they don't
differ unless you personally make them different.

Do you want X to start when you boot your computer?  If so, you
probably want a graphical login manager like gdm or kdm.

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