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Re: Kernel Drivers in PPC build: where are they?

On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 02:08:27PM +0300, Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:
> As far as I understand, Ethan's way is better, as you can just dpkg -i
> kernel .debs and they work. My installation was originally made with
> LinuxPPC 2000 first, since there were no Debian CD's and I couldnt
> install otherwise. So I still have my kernels on the HFS partition. The
> good thing is that if things bork, I can fix some stuff from Macos if I
> need to. But the pain is that I need to manually copy the kernels to the
> HFS partition when I compile a new one.

the linux hfs driver is also notoriously unreliable, it is known to
corrupt hfs filesystems frequently, especially when you write large
files like kernels to them.  common LinuxPPC problems was boot
failures because of corrupted HFS and the wrongly placed kernels.

> I guess both ways work, but the thing described in the ybin howto and
> stuff Ethan is maintaing is better and more sane. But my installation of
> Debian was so strange anyway, that I am happy that it works. I dont care
> much about the bootstrap stuff anyway once I have booted up.

the kernels on HFS and allowing macos to read the bootstrap partition
is completly unsupported by me.  i am fed up with dealing with all
the many problems that occur because of it.  if you ask me any
question regarding bootloaders and your using this HFS method i won't
help you.  `setup your system correctly and try again' will be the
only answer you get.

future versions of ybin are likly to become very strict about not
supporting anything but Apple_Bootstrap as well.

woody boot-floppies also do not support anything but the 800K
Apple_Bootstrap method.  

Ethan Benson

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