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Re: Kernel Drivers in PPC build: where are they?

on 9/3/01 5:48 PM, Ethan Benson at erbenson@alaska.net wrote:

> the kernel is not stored on teh bootstrap partition, its stored on
> your ext2 / partition or your ext2 /boot partition.  never on teh
> bootstrap partition.

Are you sure? That's big news to me! I need to readjust here (and I need a
drink too :-) 

If what you say is correct, then I have always misunderstood this and
probably got confused since the days of BootX where you needed to store your
kernel in the hfs partition (where bootx was residing.) Now that you are
saying that, I kinda understand why nowhere it was mentioned to copy the
kernel image to the bootstrap partition. Indulge me, but please confirm
this. Thanks,


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