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Re: A couple of more issues...

On Mon, 3 Sep 2001, Laurent de Segur wrote:

> - I get a couple of pcmcia error messages at the end of the kernel startup:
> i82365.o and ds.o complain about no such device and operation not permitted
> respectively. No big deal but I didn't get that previously. IMHO, if I do an
> install of a powerpc kernel, modules should be able to cope with any ppc
> platforms without throwing error messages.

I didn't think that even the new iBook (aka iceBook) had a PC Card slot?
Besides, errors like those are common from those modules, if they don't
see what they expect. I was under the impression that the PC Card
controllers Apple used were proprietary designs, so the i82365 socket
controller driver definitely won't work in that case...

> - Finally X windows won't start up. Period. It has nothing to do with kernel
> 2.4.8. It has been like that even since I did the update to woody. If I
> enter the command startx, it tells me that it can't stat /etc/X11/X. All of
> that after a simple testing upgrade on top of stable (which I need because
> XF86 3.x won't work with aty128 on iBook.) What's weird is that I had to go
> and edit the inittab to bump the run level from 2->5. Installing X, I
> thought that it would do that for me. I thought wrong.

Do 'ln -s /usr/X11R6/bin/XFree86 /etc/X11/X'. Then try again.

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