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Re: X 4.1.0 Hints for french PowerBook users...

Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:

> Yet another interesting analogy with MacOS would be to use Cmd as Ctrl.
> It works much like Ctrl on MacOS (Cmd-X/C/V for cut-copy-paste vs.
> Ctrl-X/C/V on PC world) - though I am not sure if this is practical. It
> is an interesting thought for a person who switches a lot between Macos
> (under MacOnLinux) and Linux. I find myself mixing those keys a lot
> after I switch from the MOL console to Linux and back.. But I agree this
> is not the way to do, as Ctrl is Ctrl in the Unix world.

That's really the point IMO. The default keymaps should be consistent within
Linux on all architectures, not trying to mimic proprietary OSs.

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