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Re: Troubles with Potato/Woody on iBook 2001

Laurent de Segur wrote:
on 9/2/01 11:34 PM, Arrigo Benedetti at arrigo@vision.caltech.edu wrote:

Rebooting with the original 2.2.18 works fine. On the iBook 2001, I have to
set "video=ofonly" to get video at boot time. Is this related? It seems that
the OS is still loading but I can't see it.

Yes, I got the Do-QUIESCE message until I started giving the "video=ofonly"
argument to the kernel. You can put append "video=ofonly" in yaboot.conf as
you would do with lilo.conf on x86 linux.

Hi again,

The problem is still here. Reading debian docs for half a day didn't solve
anything :-( - I learned a lot more about various policies though...

Here is what I do:
- I built the kernel the debian way (make-kpkg yadi yada...)
- The kernel image I get in /boot after the kernel successfully built and
installed is vmlinux-2.2.19. This image, I copy to my bootstrap partition
(hfs) where yaboot resides.
- I reboot with the yaboot.conf pointing to the new image.
- I DO use 'video=atyfb video=ofonly' in the append string.

When the iBook restarts, I still get the Do-QUIESCE message. Linux boots
(supposedly as I hear the disk) but the OF screen is blocking the view

Switching to linux-2.2.18 which I got from somewhere else works. It's just
not fair!

What's wrong with my procedure? Did I forget to tell set a flag when
building the kernel, like don't call quiesce or something (shouldn't

It's probably working, you just have the wrong video driver. The iBook 2001 has an ATI Rage 128 which needs the aty128 driver, not the aty driver which is for Mach 64 cards.

Personally, I would install a 2.4 kernel (I have one I compiled for my iBook on my website). For laptop users, IMHO, 2.2 is useless.


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