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Re: X 4.1.0 Hints for french PowerBook users...

on 4/09/01 9:04, Tuomas Kuosmanen at tigert@ximian.com wrote:

> Now it might be also possible to do something with the keyboard
> modifiers (Mod1, Mod2 etc..), but I dont yet quite understand how they
> work, but I wonder if it might be possible to have Alt_L (the current
> Alt key) to also act as Mode_Switch. Maybe, I dont know yet. In that
> case we wouldnt need the Fn, and thus the above would not be a problem.
> However this was the first solution for me, I can now use the keyboard
> fully to get things done (just as you did with your hack as well)

A note on the fn key: I tried with Xev and saw that fn by itself does not
generate any event. I think this is hardwired in the kernel, with the
sends_linux_keycodes=1 stuff.

I found _some_ docs, although they document the Xkb protocol and
incidentally give some partial examples for xkb files. You can grab the docs
from the xfree86 CVS, in xc/doc/hardcopy/xkb

The docs are quite lengthy (250 and 150 pages respectively) and go very deep
in the description of how xkb works. Don't have the time to read the whole
stuff right now, but this is the only doc I found that gives some
explanation (oh well, there is a documentation on xkb files setup but... it
is written in Russian).


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