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Re: Troubles with Potato/Woody on iBook 2001

on 9/4/01 1:28 AM, Bastien Nocera at hadess@hadess.net wrote:

> When the iBook restarts, I still get the Do-QUIESCE message. Linux boots
>> (supposedly as I hear the disk) but the OF screen is blocking the view
>> kinda.
>> Switching to linux-2.2.18 which I got from somewhere else works. It's just
>> not fair!
>> What's wrong with my procedure? Did I forget to tell set a flag when
>> building the kernel, like don't call quiesce or something (shouldn't
> It's probably working, you just have the wrong video driver. The iBook
> 2001 has an ATI Rage 128 which needs the aty128 driver, not the aty
> driver which is for Mach 64 cards.
> Personally, I would install a 2.4 kernel (I have one I compiled for my
> iBook on my website). For laptop users, IMHO, 2.2 is useless.
> Cheers

Hi Bastien,

Do you have a link to your precompiled kernel. I'd like to give it a try
(penguinppc is still down AFAIK).

Also, what do you pass in your append string. Right now I need to put
'video=ofonly'. Do I need to change that with the new kernel?



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