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Re: Troubles with Potato/Woody on iBook 2001

on 9/2/01 11:34 PM, Arrigo Benedetti at arrigo@vision.caltech.edu wrote:

>> Rebooting with the original 2.2.18 works fine. On the iBook 2001, I have to
>> set "video=ofonly" to get video at boot time. Is this related? It seems that
>> the OS is still loading but I can't see it.
> Yes, I got the Do-QUIESCE message until I started giving the "video=ofonly"
> argument to the kernel. You can put append "video=ofonly" in yaboot.conf as
> you would do with lilo.conf on x86 linux.

Hi again,

The problem is still here. Reading debian docs for half a day didn't solve
anything :-( - I learned a lot more about various policies though...

Here is what I do:
- I built the kernel the debian way (make-kpkg yadi yada...)
- The kernel image I get in /boot after the kernel successfully built and
installed is vmlinux-2.2.19. This image, I copy to my bootstrap partition
(hfs) where yaboot resides.
- I reboot with the yaboot.conf pointing to the new image.
- I DO use 'video=atyfb video=ofonly' in the append string.

When the iBook restarts, I still get the Do-QUIESCE message. Linux boots
(supposedly as I hear the disk) but the OF screen is blocking the view

Switching to linux-2.2.18 which I got from somewhere else works. It's just
not fair!

What's wrong with my procedure? Did I forget to tell set a flag when
building the kernel, like don't call quiesce or something (shouldn't it be
yaboot who calls quiesce anyway)? I am running out of ideas... Can someone
help pleeeease?

Thanks a lot,


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