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Re: Difficulty installing woody OR potato on Beige G3

On Mon, Sep 03, 2001 at 07:47:25PM -0800, Ethan Benson wrote:
> i reccommend netboot.  keeping macos around is impossible without
> keeping all that useless, harmful cruft as well.
> http://www.alaska.net/~erbenson/doc/netboot.html

Well, uh, that's great, Ethan, but this is a _beige_ (OldWorld) G3,
and so netboot is more or less impossible, given its craptacular OF
support, right?

In any case, I was able to get the base distribution installed via the
potato boot-floppies, leaving only the problem with the potato ofpath
not liking the beige 266's hardware tree. If I know which partition my
root is (/dev/hda2), could anybody maybe just tell me what the
appropriate goop to pass to nvsetenv is? Barring that, anyone have a
handy binary for ofpath that groks beige G3-land (in case your memory
needs refreshing, this particular problem last cropped up in a similar
thread in January -- I do try to use the archives)? I'll poke around,
but I'd sorta like to get this finished.

Thanks again for all the help.


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