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Re: X 4.1.0 Hints for french PowerBook users...


I support the idea of using command (apple) key instead of the alt key on
the mac keyboard (or if you use a mac keyboard on a pc.) One more reason is
that 'alt' is primarely labeled 'option' in the mac parlance and that should
be its major task: generating special chars. I wonder how many apps that
would break though (the ones that use option-command-something would
definitely suffer the change.)

Talking about keyboard mapping, I used a couple of powerbooks in the past
under macos 9/X, and as you probably know these laptops have a fn key.

On the MacOS, Apple uses the Fn key + F1-F12 to generate a function key
event. This, I think, is pretty stupid: how many times do you change the
screen luminosity vs. doing cut/paste in an app just to mention one example.

Still on the powerbook running macos, you can get hit enter by using
fn+return and enter has its own key on the right of command-right (note:
enter is different than return on the mac.) I wish they would have been put
an option/alt key instead of the single enter key. On MacOS, I was using a
utility that remapped the keyboard just like I wanted it to be (I guess I
was not the only one annoyed by this.)

How is it done under Linux/XF86? Is there any 'easy' way to change the
mapping of your keyboard without recompiling the kernel or whatever?

Thanks for your info,


on 9/3/01 2:08 PM, Florent Pillet at Florent.Pillet@wanadoo.fr wrote:

> on 3/09/01 19:28, Tuomas Kuosmanen at tigert@ximian.com wrote:
>> This has the effect of making []{} etc to work. However, it disables ALT
>> for me (though I tried it on the finnish/swedish keymap) - thus you
>> cannot Ctrl-Alt-Backspace to kill the X server, nor can you use Alt for
>> anything (alt-drag to move windows for example on many window managers)
>> Tuomas
> Interesting.
> I'm not an expert with this keyboard configuration yet. Since xkb setting
> files seem to be under-documented, I'm trying to make my way through them.
> I'm trying to find a fix for this. The default X mappings for Mac keyboards
> are not perfect since I think ALT is misused (the Command key should be used
> instead). Therefore, I wonder if it would not be more appropriate to use the
> Command key as "Alt_L" and leave the Alt key for what it is really used
> under MacOS, that is access additional characters on the various keys.

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