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Re: Difficulty installing woody OR potato on Beige G3

On Mon, Sep 03, 2001 at 08:07:21PM -0700, ozymandias G desiderata wrote:
> It seems that whether I try to do an HD install or install from
> floppy, I'm equally screwed. Let me outline my two scenarios of
> screwage, after which I will throw myself upon the mercy of the forum:
> 1) Floppy install:
> Well, this one is pretty simple, really. The HFS boot floppy works
> jim-dandy, but the ramdisk image on root.bin refuses to read and
> causes an oops. That's because it's currently corrupted, right? I

its trunicated yes, about 5k or so is missing from the end.  gzip
wont' like that.

> admit I haven't tried the potato version of the floppy images, largely
> because of Ethan's insistence that we'd all rather die lingering,
> painful deaths than deal with the potato boot floppies at this late
> date.

they aren't quite that bad, but i have lost all patience for people
who screw up and botch thier install by ignoring the fing manual.
woody b-f make it significantly more difficult to screw up and then
play dumb.

>  e) Enter mac-fdisk, and here's where the fun begins. If I do an 'i'
>     to reinitialize the partition table and then immediately do a 'w'
>     to write the new partition table, everything's cool. As soon as I
>     try to create any partitions, though, any attempts to write the
>     changed partition table thereafter cause an exception that reads
>     "Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer at virtual address". At this
>     point both woody and potato chunder.

just reboot, the partititon table will be fine.  bug benh to fix the
partition table reread ioctl.

Ethan Benson

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