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Re: Troubles with Potato/Woody on iBook 2001

Laurent de Segur <ldesegur@mac.com> writes:

> - I built the kernel the debian way (make-kpkg yadi yada...)
That dosen't work for me.
> - I DO use 'video=atyfb video=ofonly' in the append string.
With the 2.2.* kernel only use video=ofonly. With the 2.4 kernel the
other string is no problem.
> When the iBook restarts, I still get the Do-QUIESCE message. Linux boots
> (supposedly as I hear the disk) but the OF screen is blocking the view
> kinda.
That's the video string.
> Switching to linux-2.2.18 which I got from somewhere else works. It's just
> not fair!
Upgrade to 2.4. But not 2.4.8 from woody. The right one is from ben's
page. It's down in the moment. But there is a mirror at http://www.ppckernel.org.

Upgrade your kernel and your mouse is working. :-) (I had a lot of
problems with that.


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