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debian-powerpc: yaboot & ybin bug ???

I found a bug in ybin.
I added a "default=<label>" statement at the top of my /etc/yaboot.conf.
I then did a "ybin -v" and everything went fine.
I rebooted and yaboot barfed because there was a syntax error in the yaboot.conf. I could not reboot to my old system easily. I had to boot off the CD which was a pain because I had to search the web to find the right OF commands and right kernel parameters to pass to the kernel (ie. video=ofonly).

There are two solutions to avoid this and improve yaboot and ybin.

1) ybin (or something) should check the yaboot.conf to make sure it is valid before writing it to the bootstrap partition.

2) yaboot should just ignore any lines with errors on it. This way I still would have had a menu pop up and be able to reboot to one of my other configurations.

Maybe some of these have already been implemented. I'm using ybin version 1.2.4 and yaboot version ??? (not sure without rebooting). It's all part of the debian yaboot/testing package which I think is version 1.2.3-1.2.4-1 .

Brendan Simon.

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