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Re: debian-powerpc: yaboot & ybin bug ???

On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 11:53:44AM +1000, Brendan J Simon wrote:
> I found a bug in ybin.
> I added a "default=<label>" statement at the top of my /etc/yaboot.conf.

was the label a label for a linux kerenl entry?

default=macos will not work.  for that you need defaultos=macos

> I then did a "ybin -v" and everything went fine.

ybin unfortunatly can't check everything.

> I rebooted and yaboot barfed because there was a syntax error in the 
> yaboot.conf.

please send your yaboot.conf.  

> I could not reboot to my old system easily.  I had to boot off the CD 
> which was a pain because I had to search the web to find the right OF 
> commands and right kernel parameters to pass to the kernel (ie. 
> video=ofonly).

not true

at the yaboot boot: prompt:

hd:3,/boot/vmlinux root=/dev/hda3 ro

> There are two solutions to avoid this and improve yaboot and ybin.
> 1) ybin (or something) should check the yaboot.conf to make sure it is 
> valid before writing it to the bootstrap partition.

that requires a significant rewrite of its parsing code, the only
/bin/sh alternative i can come up with has as many deficiencies as the
current code, that leaves rewriting ybin in C, which i may do
eventually, but not for awhile.

> 2) yaboot should just ignore any lines with errors on it.  This way I 
> still would have had a menu pop up and be able to reboot to one of my 
> other configurations.

yaboot already ignores bogus lines, i haven't been able to trigger an
error like yours in a long time, i need to see your yaboot.conf.

Ethan Benson

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