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Key mapping issues


To follow up on the key mapping messages from earlier, I discovered that if
I want to switch to any virtual console, the left command key won't always
work on my iBook. I have to use the right command key instead.

On the iBook (and I believe pb, not sure), I also have to press the Fn key
to get any function key to work (ala Apple, but not the best choice IMHO.)

So for example, to get the virtual console 1, I'll have to press:
Fn-ctrl-RightCommand-F1 (No, I don't have to use my feet to help, but

Is there a reason why the Left command key won't work to do the job?

Also, I'd really like not to have to press this Fn key on a *book just for
the F1-F12 keys (reverse with the audio/video controls which are used less
frequently.) Of course, the rest of the function keys could stay the same
(keypad and arrows.)

Has anyone any suggestions regarding this functionality?


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