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Re: Troubles with Potato/Woody on iBook 2001

Laurent de Segur <ldesegur@mac.com> writes:

> Hi all,
> This message describes some problems I've ran into while installing a Debian
> distr (2.2r3 + update stable) on a new iBook 2001 (P29 aka Marble).
> First it seems that the kernel that ships on the CD is a pre 2.2.18 and
> won't boot on this machine. So I got a 2.2.18 from Suse (god forbids!) just
> to use with yaboot during installation.

Strange, I did not have any problems booting the kernel on the 2.2r3 cdrom
on my new iBook.

> After I was done with the installation, I downloaded the 2.2.19. More
> exactly, I updated the stable (potato) on top of a freshly installed 2.2r3
> and then moved the vmlinux kernel from / to my bootstrap partition where
> yaboot is located, then changed the yaboot.conf file to point to the new
> kernel.
> The result when I reboot is a white screen with Do-QUIESCE finishedbooting
> hanging (it seems to continue booting, I just can't see it.)
> Rebooting with the original 2.2.18 works fine. On the iBook 2001, I have to
> set "video=ofonly" to get video at boot time. Is this related? It seems that
> the OS is still loading but I can't see it.

Yes, I got the Do-QUIESCE message until I started giving the "video=ofonly"
argument to the kernel. You can put append "video=ofonly" in yaboot.conf as
you would do with lilo.conf on x86 linux.

> Next, I updated to the testing release (woody) on the linux partition and
> leaving 2.2.18 in the bootstrap partition to start with yaboot, the keyboard
> is mapped totally wrong just after loading the USB drivers from the linux
> partition it seems (I type when booting and keys are ok until usb is
> detected and loaded.) Note: the internal keyboard on the iBook is USB.

If you search the archives you willl find hints on this.

> After installing woody, I noticed that the /lib/modules dir still doesn't
> contain a 2.4 subdir in there, only a 2.2.19 (part of the potato update.) So
> no drivers from 2.4 can be loaded. Is this intented to be that way on a PPC
> machine? It would seem that doing a woody update on a potato update would
> get me the modules for 2.4 in my linux partition, right?

Did you get the 2.4 from http://penguinppc.org/~benh/ ? Please note that this
link is temporarily down at the moment.

Good luck!

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