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OT powerpc processor Q

Ethan Benson wrote:

> Apple's OpenFirmware has many proprietary extensions.  apple's
> OpenFirmware has also been known to ignore the spec all over the
> place.  Apple also typically doesn't bother to implement anything they
> are not using at the moment correctly, if at all.

That's the best description of Apple "Open"Firmware I've ever heard.

Say, does anybody know the diff between

powerpc rs64-II (ibm)
powerpc rs64-III (ibm)
powerpc rs64-IV (ibm)
powerpc g3 (750)
powerpc g4 (7400)
powerpc-II (ibm) (a misprint maybe?)
power3-II (ibm)

I'm trying to track down some benchmark data, but I see nothing so
far for the 750 or 7400, only the 604e, the powerpc-II (??), the
rs64-2 and 3.  do either of these two latter share any kind of core
with the g3?  prolly not, i would guess.

or better yet, what ibm processor is closest to g3/g4 series? I
haven't been able to find a good explanation of this anywhere on the


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