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Re: yaboot/openfirmware question [again]

On Sat, Aug 18, 2001 at 06:47:02PM +0200, pejvan wrote:
> The problem is : how can I print this partition table to send it to you ?
> The stupid pdisk for macOS cant find my drive :

throw that peice of garbage away.  pdisk for macos doesn't work. period.

> And i cannot get the stuff from linux because I simply cant boot it ;))

then you can't repair it. 

> Damn, it's the version from the Mandrake Beta CD... And i dont have the CD
> anymore, so I cant get that version number. Anyway it would not help i think
> :)

its probably the old 1.2 version that only supports x86.

> Hehe, ok. I use Silo on my old Sparc Classic machine. But if OpenFirmware is
> as open and apple's version is compliant with the

Apple's OpenFirmware has many proprietary extensions.  apple's
OpenFirmware has also been known to ignore the spec all over the
place.  Apple also typically doesn't bother to implement anything they
are not using at the moment correctly, if at all.  

> OK sorry I didnot get that, I thought I had to hexedit my bootstrap
> partition and not specially the hda1 then. Sorry. Anyway, hexedit was not
> overloaded by my 30GB drive. Nice !

not the bootstrap partition, the partition table itself.  the
partition types are stored in the partition table, not in the
partitions themselves.

> Mac-fdisk was not on the Boot CD so I cant run it :-(

its on debian CDs

> I'll do my best to send them to you ASAP, but i must find a way to extract
> the info I need and put them some place where MacOS can get them. It's
> kindda pathetic isn't it ?

GNU/Linux is fully capable of all networking functions.

Ethan Benson

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