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Re: yaboot/openfirmware question [again]

On Sat, Aug 18, 2001 at 12:51:29AM +0200, pejvan wrote:
> Ok this time I really do think that os X install has fucked up my bootstrap
> partition :

again i would love to see a before and after image of your partition

without data all we are left with is conjecture.

> $ parted /dev/hda set 7 boot on
> Give me something like : "the boot partition doesnot start here" :-(((

sounds like an old version of parted then.  probably doesn't support
mac partition tables.

> Thanks, i took a look at that, and the  apple stuff on ADC.
> The ADC stuff is totally useless for my stuff, and the Sun's stuff seemed to
> general... Do you think that reading the code of yaboot/ybin could help ?

ybin itself won't be very helpful since it doesn't interface with OF
at all.  the ofboot part of ybin would be helpful since its Forth
code.   yaboot might give you some insight, but it really doesn't
play very nice with OF so i wouldn't call it a good role model to go

silo generally has nicer code nowadays (and supports OpenFirmware, of
the Sun variety).  

> Ok i'm really brave ( ;-) ) and I used and hexeditor on /dev/hda (not hdaX
> btw :-)) and changed my Apple_HFS to Apple_Bootstrap, as you asked, but i

/dev/hda1 IS the partition table, its generally safer to edit that
then the entire disk since its less likly to overload the hexeditor (i
have seen them segfault when you give them huge ammounts of data like
/dev/hda will).  it also contains any mistakes to the partition table
instead of your filesystems. 

> still cant boot linux, even with all the OF stuff I'd tried before...

you must rerun mkofboot.

> So what's next ? Running the mandrake cd and
> reconfuring/installing/rerunning the hole ybin/yaboot stuff ?

rerun mkofboot, and send me the output of mac-fdisk -l /dev/hda

i NEED that info to see whats wrong.  its probably quite obvious, but
since you won't show me i can't say. 

Ethan Benson

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