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Re: yaboot/openfirmware question [again]

Ethan Benson wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 09:52:45AM +0200, Pejvan wrote:
> > ok thanks a lot, I did not knew about all this. Can I ask a question
> > that has nothing to do with the bootstrap ? ;) Can you give me some URLs
> > about how to initialize the Mac's hardware in order to boot OSes ? (I
> > mean programmers docs, for example how to write something like yaboot,
> > to boot a non Apple OS)
> you want to learn OpenFirmware, and Forth, which is what OpenFirmware
> is implemented in.  you will find more useful info on OpenFirmware
> from Sun Microsystems then you ever will from apple.  also look for
> RFC (or whatever it is) 1275 thats the OpenFirmware spec.

ok thanks for the trick, in fact, i'm already reading the sun stuff ;)

so i hope i can then try to make the little kernel we've written in
school on my mac, after some porting work...
Will those docs learn me how to do this ?

> > OK thanks, it seems I cannot do this with pdisk anyway...
> > and nothing can be done under MacOS ?
> nothing can be done under macos.  mac-fdisk can do it, but the only
> way is by deleting and recreating the partition, if you do this
> carefully and verify what you did before wrting the table this is
> usually safe.  i would only do it with the mac-fdisk in woody though,
> not potatos and certainly not LinuxPPC's.  just use `d' to delete it,
> then `b' to recreate in the same starting block.

ok i'll have to try other solutions then, i dont wanna erase the
bootstrap, or erase any partition on my drive, i've had too many
troubles with that about 2 or 3 months ago...

> if you are really brave use a hexeditor on /dev/hda1 ;-) just change
> the Apple_HFS to Apple_Bootstrap.

ok that's probably what i'll have to do ;)

> > 'cause I dont have the debian isos whith me, and I cannot download
> > anything... so no apt-get for me :-((((( A friend told me he can give a
> > his mandrakePPC bootable CDs, is there a way to fix my problem with that
> > disc ?
> mandrake may very well have parted on thier CD, i think that may be
> what they use as a backend to thier partitioner.

ok, i'll cross my fingers and hope i'll be able to fix it with de
mandrake's CD

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