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Re: Zope will not start

On Fri, Aug 03, 2001 at 09:42:53PM -0300, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 03, 2001 at 04:47:04PM -0700, Mike Fedyk wrote:
> > Is the zopectl command a binary or is it a script?  If it's a script,
> > you could add "set -x" at line 2 of the script to be able to debug it.
> Hm, I mustn't have been thinking it through clearly.  I should've
> thought of that.

> in /etc/hosts nothing for 'hostname' and the host doesn't exist in 
> the domain configured in /etc/resolv.conf.  Pump snags our ISP's domain
> and configures resolv.conf with that, whereas we have our own domain
> that should be used there instead.  I'm not sure how to fix this
> properly (in /etc/network/interfaces somehow?  No docs on how to do
> this.)  But I can fudge it by putting our fqdn and hostname in
> /etc/hosts.  Sucks if our IP# changes, but it works.

Yeah, /etc/hosts is one of those things you check without thinking
about it...

Why not just point it to

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