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Re: Questions about notebooks and Debian

On Thursday 02 August 2001 01:19, Sven wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 01, 2001 at 06:43:42PM +0100, Bastien Nocera wrote:
> > > I have to second Bastien, Its right under say a celleron 300a for
> > > performance....maybe....and thats a big maybe. That said, its still
> > > plenty
> huh, on what do you base this affirmation ?
> or do you compare it with an overclocked celeron 300 to 450 or something
> such ?
> or is it a desktop system with a faster system, faster disks, etc, ...
> or are you using intel optimized programs for benchmarking ?
> comparing a 500Mhz G3 to a 300MHz Celeron hardly seems right to me, but
> then i did not really do any tests.

Hmmm, nothing truely official I guess test wise. I own a dual PII 233, 
k6-266, PII300, Cell 300a(over clocked at times, but not at the moment), 
Athalon 800, PIII 450, Sparc 20(dual 55mhz), U1 170. I have owned and gotten 
rid of quite a few more...including a number of laptops. Upon which I have 
run linux on all of them. My opinion...and yes, let me emphasize _opinion_, 
is that my iBook2 _seems_ to perform at about the level of a Cell 300a 
desktop across a wide range of tasks. But I would probably give the edge to 
the Celleron. I would like to state that this does not disapoint me at all. 
As I said I have owned several laptops and they all perform at about 50% or 
less than what an equivilant<sp?> desktop would. I think the iBook2 is great, 
it may be the best money I have ever spent on a computer. Just dont expect it 
to be some super fast super computer.


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