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Re: Questions about notebooks and Debian

John Hughes wrote:

On Wednesday 01 August 2001 12:24, Bastien Nocera wrote:

Noah John wrote:

the ibook is definatly a good purchase.  from what i gather, some sound
still doesn't work.  However, what i really meant to say was:
G3 500 MHz vs. i386.
is about an 800-933 MHz P3
is about a 733 MHz Athlon or P4
is about a GHz celeron (celeron has no b-side cache).

You certainly have benchmarks to prove that ?
The G3 in the iBook has only 128k of L2 cache, and it is slower than my
iMac G3 400 (which has 512k of this same cache).


If you want a powerhorse of a laptop, get a TiBook, or an x86 laptop.
The x86 will give you a crappy architecture, and not much battery life.

In the end the iBook's performances are more than enough for playing
mp3s, playing quake3 in macos, do hacking, and a bit of GIMPing. DVD
playback should be possible if we get a version of libmpeg2 that's a tad
bit faster.

I have to second Bastien, Its right under say a celleron 300a for performance....maybe....and thats a big maybe. That said, its still plenty strong for most everything I do. And I really do get 4-5 hours of battery life during normal useage. As far as dvd playback goes...its works for me just fine. Every so often it hickups.....and we sure could use a more efficient<sp?> libmpeg2 library....but I am not disapointed by how well it behaves. Especialy now that Ihave a 512mb module in it. But if you are looking for some powerhouse number cruncher...well, the iBook2 isn't it.


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I think this summs it up:


/Bastien Nocera

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