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Re: Sharing Fiwerwire Disk with Digidesign ProTools and Debian.

> >Regarding APM emulation: does that make apmd work on Powermacs, or will
> >pmud still be necessary? 
> APM emulation is not a replacement for pmud. It doesn't emulate all APM
> messages in /dev/apm_bios, only the strict minimum to get apps like X
> properly cleanup before suspend and restore their state after resume,

OK, just curious...

> and it implements /proc/apm for battery infos, but the infos there are

That part was actually fairly easy IIRC (did that for 2.2.19).

> less detailed that what pmud or the new /proc/pmu provides (the APM
> API is quite simplistic).

/proc/pmu isn't in 2.4.7-pre3 ... I guess I need to try your tree once
again (Paulus' has the new MMU context code that completely breaks MOL,
that's another reason to switch back). 

> I don't think anything as PC centric as apmd has room here, but I may
> be wrong as I didn't look at it.

I'll ask the apmd maintainer to remove m68k and powerpc from the
architecture list in the absence of complete APM support then. 


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