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Re: reading linux from MacOs

On   7 Jul, this message from Ethan Benson echoed through cyberspace:
>> subsequently mount a local HFS+ partition read/write, for access though 
>> MOL? 
> yup, the MacOS in mol can read HFS+ just as it always could.  as far
> as macos cares all your partitions are giant floppy disks.  all teh
> linux kernel needs to do is provide /dev/hda* access which it does
> regardless of whether you have ext2, xfs, reiser, hfs, hfs+, msdos, or
> the contents of /dev/urandom on the partition.  

Also note that via MOL, MacOS has access to partitions on
disks/controllers unsupported by MacOS, like a Promise U/66 IDE
controller on a 7600. This way it's possible to get your MacOS boot
_faster_ in MOL than for real ;-)

The same trick should work for NFS mounts, as long as they are mounted
_before_ starting MOL.


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