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Re: reading linux from MacOs

On Sun, Jul 08, 2001 at 12:42:46PM +1000, Ross Hamilton wrote:
>  On Thursday, July 5, 2001, at 10:19 AM, Ethan Benson wrote: 
> > another solution everyone seems to have forgotten is MOL. 
> > 
> > if you run MacOS only im MOL then you can mount afp shares from 
> > localhost.  
> > 
> I'm right now finalising partitioning of a replacement hard-drive for 
> my early iMac. I haven't run MOL previously but am intending to try it 
> out now that I have some space to play. 
> I wonder at what level is file IO handled under MacOS hosted on Linux? 
> I realise that the Mac system volume to be used for an MOL session will 
> need to be standard HFS format. Might it then be possible to 

no it doesn't.  linux filesystem support is totally irrelevant to

> subsequently mount a local HFS+ partition read/write, for access though 
> MOL? 

yup, the MacOS in mol can read HFS+ just as it always could.  as far
as macos cares all your partitions are giant floppy disks.  all teh
linux kernel needs to do is provide /dev/hda* access which it does
regardless of whether you have ext2, xfs, reiser, hfs, hfs+, msdos, or
the contents of /dev/urandom on the partition.  

back when i used mol i simply had a 500MB file sitting in
/local/mol/macos.im, it had a mac partition table and a HFS+ partition
in it.  macos was none the wiser.  (that file didn't even have to have
a partition table or driver cruft, i had just gotten that impression
from some obsolete documentation).  

> Also, I don't suppose there is any way to make an NFS share available 
> to the MOL session? 

only by exporting the nfs share via afp.  MacOS can't read NFS
(without rare expensive perhaps abandoned proprietary software).  

Ethan Benson

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