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serial printer


I'm running debian 2.2r3 on a PowerMac 7300, and am
trying to get an Apple LaserWriter Select 310 running
on the serial port. 

So far (after several freeze-up, kernel-compiles and
lots of time), the state is as follows:
- the serial port on the mac works (tested with a modem)
- the printer works (using the parallel interface from
  an intel PC)
- any output like 'echo "hello printer" >/dev/ttyS0"'
  to the serial port does not seem to arrive at the
  printer (the LEDs should blink when receiving data,
  but they insist on constant-glare(tm))

thus, I suspect that either the serial interface of the
printer is broken or that I've mis-initialized the 
serial port on the mac.

thus, if anyone has any clues on how to setup the serial
port (flow control, speed, whatever), has a working
printcap or anything, please help.

thanks, bye
Philipp Kaeser / furball@space.ch

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