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Re: XFree4 on Pismo

Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:

> > You are either missing some of the xfonts-* packages or don't have the
> > FontPath for misc in Section "Files".
> Okay, it said 'FontPath "unix/:7100"' which means xfs. I commented that line
> out and set the FontPath to "/usr/lib/X11/fonts"

As others have pointed out, this doesn't work. I recommend installing xfs (or
xfs-xtt which is said to be more feature rich for TT fonts - that would be
unix/:7110) which is configured fine by default.

Running a font server has several advantages over having the X server
rasterize fonts.

> > >   Option       "DPMS"
> >
> > I don't use this for my Pismo because I understand frequently switching on
> > and off a TFT shortens its lifetime. Your choice in the end.
> What does the DPMS option do? (I just took the config file from somebody
> else)

DPMS stands for something like 'Display Power Management System'. With this
option, the server tries to put the monitor to standby, suspend and eventually
power it down (which can damage monitors that don't support DPMS). I don't
know if it makes any difference on a Pismo, anyway. :)

> > The rest of what you included of your XF86Config looks perfectly sane to
> > me.
> So, I'm supposed to use the Framebuffer device by setting the Option
> "UseFBDev"?

Yes. Sooner or later (unfortunately not before 4.2.0) that option will go away
and the server will automatically use what's appropriate.

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