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Re: XFree4 on Pismo

Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:

> Now the server started and displayed some funny blue vertical lines on the
> display until it stopped because it couldn't open default font 'fixed' (dunno
> yet how to solve that problem).

If it aborts there the garbled display is meaningless.

You are either missing some of the xfonts-* packages or don't have the
FontPath for misc in Section "Files".

>   Option       "DPMS"

I don't use this for my Pismo because I understand frequently switching on and
off a TFT shortens its lifetime. Your choice in the end.

The rest of what you included of your XF86Config looks perfectly sane to me.

> P.S.: It might sound *real* stupid to you, but here's just one more
> question: how for Christ's sake do I switch between consoles like under
> PC-Hardware with Ctrl+Alt+F{1-6}?

As I mentioned just yesterday in another post: ctrl+alt/option+F[1-6] or
ctrl+command/apple+F[1-6], depending if you are using Linux or ADB keycodes.
Note that you have to hold the Fn key for F[1-6] to work on a Pismo.

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