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Re: XFree4 on Pismo

>DPMS stands for something like 'Display Power Management System'. With this
>option, the server tries to put the monitor to standby, suspend and
>power it down (which can damage monitors that don't support DPMS). I don't
>know if it makes any difference on a Pismo, anyway. :)

Well, if X properly calls the fbdev blank functions that does VESA
blanking, you'll have the nice side effect of also powering down the
backlight, and maybe more soon once I've figured out some issues.

>> > The rest of what you included of your XF86Config looks perfectly sane to
>> > me.
>> So, I'm supposed to use the Framebuffer device by setting the Option
>> "UseFBDev"?
>Yes. Sooner or later (unfortunately not before 4.2.0) that option will
go away
>and the server will automatically use what's appropriate.

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