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Re: Summary: Q: double Boot for SMP 7300

On Sun, Mar 04, 2001 at 02:56:24PM +0100, Christoph Ewering wrote:
> 3.) nvsetenv to set a different boot-device within linux -- On OldWorld
> the boot-device is always \\AAPL,ROM and somewhere in the PRAM the disk
> and the partition is stored to boot from. 

er, when using miboot yes.  

> 4.) Holding down Apple-Alt-Shift-Backspace at startup to switch to
> another boot-disk -- this could work if miboot and MacOS are on
> different disk, but at the moment they are on the same disk on different volumes.

there might be another Vulcan nerve pinch that will tell it to use a
specific partition, but im not sure what (and it never really worked
right on my old 7100) command option shift [0-9] or something.  

> 5.) quik boot -- try to find out how quik boot works but only found help
> for yaboot/ybin.Can someone point me to a quik-FAQ?

on a 7300 its not that bad, setup an /etc/quik.conf like so:



image=$boot /AAPL,ROM

where partition= is the partition number of your root filesystem, the
numeric part of root= (which is your actual root partition).  

run /sbin/quik

set your boot-device variable like so:

nvsetenv boot-device "$(ofpath /dev/sda)0"

or ofpath /dev/sda, and take that value and add a 0 to the end for
partition. or ofpath /dev/sda3 (root) and use that.  partition 0
usually works for OF to boot the bootable partition, but either should

this works on a 7200 with 2.2.17 and i assume .18 (not tested on
.18).  Dan boot's his 7300 with quik so i hope he will point out
anything special that i have not mentioned (if anything).  

one problem with this is the 7300 does not have any video support in
OF (AFAIK) so you would only be able to interface with quik via a
serial terminal, or perhaps blindly by setting input-device to kdb.  

> 6.) boot-floppy -- this is a possibility. I can put miboot onto a floppy
> and load the kernel from harddisk. So if the floppy is in place, I will
> get linux with SMP, if its not than I get the usual MacOS. I will try this.

no miboot can't find kernels anywhere except right next to it.  it
does not understand ext2.  miboot was never designed for this it was
designed for bootfloppies or bootable CDs.  (the latter requires
non-free software so its not so useful)

Ethan Benson

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