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Re: Summary: Q: double Boot for SMP 7300

On   4 Mar, this message from Ethan Benson echoed through cyberspace:
> one problem with this is the 7300 does not have any video support in
> OF (AFAIK) so you would only be able to interface with quik via a
> serial terminal, or perhaps blindly by setting input-device to kdb.  

Well, since the 7300 uses control video, it is halfways supported by OF.
Meaning, it is broken enough that on some monitors you get no image at
all, and it is sane enough that it works on some other monitors. There
are, hiwever, patches around to patch OF 1.0.5 to properly initialize
control, so that it will always produce a decent (haha...) 640x480@60Hz
video signal.

So on the 7300 OF's display capabilities are not as broken as on the


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