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Summary: Q: double Boot for SMP 7300


Here comes the summary of all mails I got trying to solve my problem.
Some are wrong, some do not get the point but most replies make sense.
Thanks to everybody.

My problem in short: OldWorld SMP computer, running MacOS 9.x and
debian-linux. if booted with BootX linux is not able to start the second
CPU, booted with miboot it is very difficult to get back to linux
(sometimes mainboard reset is needed)

Here are some suggestions:

1.) Holding down Option (ALT) key at startup -- this only works with G4s
with AGP, the Pismo and newer iMacs (AFAIK with AGP) 

2.) yaboot is only for NewWorld machines, so it won´t help.

3.) nvsetenv to set a different boot-device within linux -- On OldWorld
the boot-device is always \\AAPL,ROM and somewhere in the PRAM the disk
and the partition is stored to boot from. 

4.) Holding down Apple-Alt-Shift-Backspace at startup to switch to
another boot-disk -- this could work if miboot and MacOS are on
different disk, but at the moment they are on the same disk on different volumes.

5.) quik boot -- try to find out how quik boot works but only found help
for yaboot/ybin.Can someone point me to a quik-FAQ?

6.) boot-floppy -- this is a possibility. I can put miboot onto a floppy
and load the kernel from harddisk. So if the floppy is in place, I will
get linux with SMP, if its not than I get the usual MacOS. I will try this.

After reading all the mails, I think I going to try this:
I´m running linux from an external disk, MacOS from the internal diak.
So now I´m going to move miboot to the external disk and remove it from
the internal disk. When I want to boot linux I switch on the external
disk, boot MacOS - setup miboot as next startup disk - reboot. If I want
to get back to linux I reboot and switch off the external disk. The mac
tries to boot from the external disk, will not find it and starts
looking for another disks to boot from. That´s it.

Maybe someone has a better solution, for example if I only have two
internal disks I have to try it with point 4.) from above. 

Maybe this summary can help others trying to boot OldWorld-Macs.

Dipl. Ing. Christoph Ewering    C & E Informationsdienste GbR
0 52 54 80 68 66 oder 0173 566 266 1

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