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Re: Pushing up daisies...

On Fri, Feb 16, 2001 at 10:58:44AM +0000, Rob Andrews wrote:
> In newsgate.debian.powerpc, Ethan Benson wrote:
>  > i hope your warrentee has not yet expired, because your bootrom has
>  > probably been destroyed.  see the netbsd FAQ:
>  > http://www.netbsd.org/Ports/macppc/faq.html#ofw-bugs
> Aye, that's what I'd read. Thus bringing the sudden, painful realisation to
> my head.

sucks doesn't it :(

>  > your only chance is to try and boot the backup rom, to do this
>  > shutdown, and boot while holding down the interupt switch, keep
>  > holding it down for a long time and if it works you should get a OF
>  > prompt where you can run set-defaults.
> 'kay... the interrupt switch - is this the thing defined as "reset button"
> on Apple's website? The little button just above the power switch on the
> iBook?

its not the reset switch, its usually next to it. the reset switch
usually is labeled with a triangle symbol.  the interupt (or sometimes
called the programmers switch or NMI switch) has a -\/- symbol inside
a circle.  

> Are most Apple's supplied with backup ROMs?

the newworlds apparently have some sort of fallback or backup which is
access this way.   this is not documented.  i was able to bring my
blue g3 back to life using this method when i entered a command into
the nvramrc that stopped OF from probing for devices.  (again nvramrc
on newworld == Bad Thing.  the yaboot-faq is going to get a warning
added to it soon about this)

> Warranty's gone, which is a shame. It ended just before the hard disk died,
> and I had to replace it.
> I'll try this when I get home, thanks for the advice!

good luck

Ethan Benson

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