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Pushing up daisies...

Seems that there's a certain amount of reading in advance that should be
done when playing with open firmware settings. Be warned: Don't type
the following commands into your OF, unless you know your machine will

Whilst trying to get netbsd booting (was aiming to see about hardware
support), I entered "setenv real-base 600000" followed by "reset-all" into
my open firmware 3 iBook. I was under the impression it was 2.4, judging the
version at the top of the OF screen.

Any how, now when I hit the power button, it releases the apple noise, spins
up HD and CD-ROM, and does nothing more.

I've tried cmd+option+PR, cmd+option+OF, removing battery, pressing the
reset button, but all to no avail.

Does anyone know a quick fix (opening the unit is not an issue, I replaced
the HD and am familiar with the insides) for this, or shall I just call the
repair centre now? ;)

Any suggestion welcome!

rob                                 off list/ng replies: rob@impure.org.uk

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