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Re: moving from linuxppc - newbie needs help please

On Fri, Feb 16, 2001 at 08:57:05AM +0900, pantaloon wrote:

> "MacLife"'s feb. issue is giving a special article + a cd
> to make people install "HolonLinux"
> and it tells us that
> people with iMacs made before Oct,1999 should use bootX

misinformation is never in short supply.

> oh
> about 2 quarters ago
> i tried yaboot first 
> to boot the cd-installed-VineLinux
> and came into '\' entering trouble

this has nothing to do with yaboot or new/oldworld OF.  this has to do
with apple not bothering to make the OF console work properly on
international keyboards, french and/or german keyboards also have this
problem.  using ybin eliminates it since ybin eliminates the need to
interface with OF yourself.  

> asked about it on the VineLinux-ML
> and people told me that it's a faq
> the answer they told me was to handle old-iMacs
> in an oldworld way (=bootX)

its not oldworld.  don't use bootx

> nobody said about firmware updating
> (maybe that one didn't exist?)
> (or japanese-keyboard was no good < but i don't think this was it)

OF is broken in that the \ does not work on many non-US keyboards.
this is still the case on the most current of newworld machines.  

> people with a belief 
> "it can act totally-newworld-ly"

thats because it is a newworld.

> in MY house am using iBook-Tangerine
> have just finished the smallest install
> used the hfs-partition (kept for mac<>linux file exchangings)
> to do the option-key-boot-ings

the option key trick is ibook and agp g4 only.  it won't work on an

> excuse me that i don't have enough info on this
> but am keeping this virtual mac-os kind of thing
> on that partition
> since i installed VineLinux

this is the hard way to do things, please read my partitioning doc
about how to create an Apple_Bootstrap partition and use ybin.  it
will configure a boot menu and make the disk OF bootable without any
non-standard settings or manual OF manipulation.  


also look at the yaboot-faq, at:


> it's to let the option-key-booting recognize the linux-booting place
> (i can even choose that partition via the mac's control-panel)
> am wondering if this is as dangerous as bootXing

this is a very hard way to do things.  trying to make fake system
folders is not recommened and not supported by me, because MacOS
*WILL* debless that fake system folder rendering it unbootable.  using
an Apple_Bootstrap partition setup by ybin is much better.  

> what i have at that partition are:
> a "System Folder" with
> "Finder","magicboot","System"(empty-suitcase),"yaboot-0.9","yaboot.conf" inside..
> outside the folder is
> "linux"(kernel for installing),"root.bin"
> and a folder (i named) "debian" 
> with has "base2_2.tgz","drivers.tgz",folders to keep the downloaded .deb-files...
> .etc...inside

this fake system folder nonsense does not work.  put the base files in
the root level of your disk and just boot yaboot directly with the
following command:

boot hd:X,yaboot

where X is the partition number of whatever partition you put the
files on. its far easier to get a bootable CD, debian CDs are bootable
on newworlds (your imac IS newworld)

> > you need a Apple_Bootstrap partition. 
> means?

create a partition before all your macos and linux partitions with a
partition type of "Apple_Bootstrap"  it should be 800K.  this is where
the bootloader will be installed by ybin.  OF will boot this partition
in its default configuration without manual commands or

> > use ybin
> mmm?
> that's another new thing to me
> have to search for infomation related to that

you should, it makes installing yaboot much easier and will be much
more reliable.  

> didn't choose the spacebar-way
> because PRam-clearings forces me to reset things again
> "ybin" can get rid of that aspect of "spacebar"-bootings?

yes, ybin when used with the correct Apple_Bootstrap partition setup
(where this bootstrap partition appears before any macos partitions)
will boot when you reset the PRAM.  you will never have to enter OF

see my web page (.sig) for more info on ybin.  

Ethan Benson

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