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Re: moving from linuxppc - newbie needs help please

On Thu, Feb 15, 2001 at 01:53:48PM +0900, pantaloon wrote:
> surprizing to be informed about that
> mac-oriented magazines here in japan
> even now
> teaches imac rev.a-b users to use the Boot X extention
> when they are to install linux

mac-oriented rags, or any rag for that matter usually can't tell the
difference between and operating system and a glue gun.  

mac-oriented magazines probably think linux is a MacOS Application and
not an OS.  

> yes at first i was informed that imac rev.b was newworld
> but many faq places told me that they don't work that way
> and at last
> you are telling me what it really is..right?

it is newworld, and i have not seen anywhere that says that yaboot
won't work on it.  perhaps you are finding some old docs from back
before yaboot existed, quik does not work on newworlds, so before
yaboot it was impossible to boot via OF.  

> oh
> i meant that
> 8.5.1>8.6 required me to do the firmware update before that process
> so i did
> but i'm not sure if that update was the last one(?)
> that will fix the OF-bugs
> so

there may have been two updates for that imac, go look on apples'
software update page and see.  

> if my firmware-updating turned rev.b totally-newworld
> the fact is that
> it can still at least boot linux via bootx too
> but it is also that
> many people are suggesting to quit doing that

yes, if you report problems with linux and are using bootx your answer
is going to be `don't use bootx, use yaboot and try again' 

> maybe that's the reason
> windowmaker showed dirty icons
> ]even after i forced the video to
> video=atyfb:vmode:17,cmode:16

windowmaker doesn't handle 16 bit color correctly on big endian
hardware as i understand it.  use 24 bit color instead and windowmaker
will be fine.  

> any comments for
> booting with option pushed?

the option key boot menu is not available on your machine, only ibooks
and APG G4s have this feature.  

> i mean using the magicboot thing

the old spacebar script? this is obsolete, use ybin.  

> in other partions system
> if this is not bad
> i'd like to choose that way

you need a Apple_Bootstrap partition. 

Ethan Benson

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