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Re: moving from linuxppc - newbie needs help please

am also new 2 debian world
came 2 this world to make my iBook&iMac
midnight-commander oriented

> > really want to be able to use apt, i hate redhat's package manager.

is also my reason 2 move 2 debian
starting from the smallest install
and making things grow only with really needed things
is what i like
(but have to study more 2 put downloaded-.deb things from my hfs-partition
 hope these are not mission impossible
 local mirror doesn't have to be getting all..does it?
 preparing .deb things @ hfs-partition won't make additional installin work?)


> On Mon, Feb 12, 2001 at 03:10:18PM -0500, sobrien wrote:
> > hello all.
> > 
> > i would like to move from linuxppc to debian.  can anyone tell me if i
> > will be able to use my exisiting partitions (i don't see why not) and if
> > i will still be able to use BootX, or will i have to use yaboot?  i
> you should not ever use bootx on newworlds such as imacs.  always use
> yaboot.  BootX is not supported on these machines.  
> > 
> > my equipment
> > RevB iMac 233

early iMacs are OldWorld
OF didn't work ok on my Rev.B
some people say that the latest firmware update will
change the machine 2 NewWorld
is this true?

i think i did the update when
making 8.5.1 > 8.6
but BootX is working OK

when installin via BootX
what i did was
putting the LinuxKernel together with my Mac's System
and made BootX select the
at the other partition 
(where i put other materiels needed 2 install)
maybe didn't have to be "other" but my OS9 is on hsf+

links from


teached me
what to get prepared with
when doing the smallest install


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