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Re: moving from linuxppc - newbie needs help please

thank you very much for pretty words

> > early iMacs are OldWorld
> bollocks.  ALL imacs are newworld.  

surprizing to be informed about that
mac-oriented magazines here in japan
even now
teaches imac rev.a-b users to use the Boot X extention
when they are to install linux

yes at first i was informed that imac rev.b was newworld
but many faq places told me that they don't work that way
and at last
you are telling me what it really is..right?

> > i think i did the update when
> > making 8.5.1 > 8.6
> updating the OS does not update the firmware.  

i meant that
8.5.1>8.6 required me to do the firmware update before that process
so i did
but i'm not sure if that update was the last one(?)
that will fix the OF-bugs

> you should install the firmware updates since they do fix bugs.  but
> all imacs are and always have been newworld.  
> it is certainly possible there is a bug in the unpatched firmware that
> is causing yaboot to fail though.

i might test the booting via OF again
because my firmware-updating before >8.6 was
(i think) after i found OF impossible
mmm..testing this will be a bout a week later
at my dad place

> >It's just that I thought it was technically
> > impossible to boot newworlds with bootX?
> it may boot, but its not reliable and many things break on the linux
> side.  

if my firmware-updating turned rev.b totally-newworld
the fact is that
it can still at least boot linux via bootx too
but it is also that
many people are suggesting to quit doing that

> - BootX runs after MacOS has done some basic hardware init, most notably
> display, keyboard and PCI init. At least MacOS 8.6 has a bug in the PCI
> resource allocation for Mach64 display adapters which results in XFree 4
> complaining about invalid PCI resources, disabling one of the Mach64
> resources and crashing the kernel. Please note that the kernel boots
> fine and works fine, except for X. Rather than compiling a table yadda
> yadda... yaboot is the safe choice here. Been there, done that, switched
> to yaboot.

maybe that's the reason
windowmaker showed dirty icons
]even after i forced the video to


any comments for
booting with option pushed?
i mean using the magicboot thing
in other partions system
if this is not bad
i'd like to choose that way

thank you


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