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Re: moving from linuxppc - newbie needs help please


well maybe i'm turning 'surper-fluous-man' but
anyway that was what is wildly said here in japan 
about the older iMacs
> mac-oriented magazines probably think linux is a MacOS Application and
> not an OS.  

"MacLife"'s feb. issue is giving a special article + a cd
to make people install "HolonLinux"
and it tells us that
people with iMacs made before Oct,1999 should use bootX

> it is newworld, and i have not seen anywhere that says that yaboot
> won't work on it.  perhaps you are finding some old docs from back
> before yaboot existed, 

about 2 quarters ago
i tried yaboot first 
to boot the cd-installed-VineLinux
and came into '\' entering trouble
asked about it on the VineLinux-ML
and people told me that it's a faq
the answer they told me was to handle old-iMacs
in an oldworld way (=bootX)
nobody said about firmware updating
(maybe that one didn't exist?)
(or japanese-keyboard was no good < but i don't think this was it)

people with a belief 
"it can act totally-newworld-ly"
is still a minority here
wait for the revolution!!!

but MY revolution will come out at my DAD's place
about a week later
in MY house am using iBook-Tangerine
have just finished the smallest install
used the hfs-partition (kept for mac<>linux file exchangings)
to do the option-key-boot-ings

> > i mean using the magicboot thing
> the old spacebar script? this is obsolete, use ybin.  

excuse me that i don't have enough info on this
but am keeping this virtual mac-os kind of thing
on that partition
since i installed VineLinux

it's to let the option-key-booting recognize the linux-booting place
(i can even choose that partition via the mac's control-panel)
am wondering if this is as dangerous as bootXing

what i have at that partition are:
a "System Folder" with
"Finder","magicboot","System"(empty-suitcase),"yaboot-0.9","yaboot.conf" inside..
outside the folder is
"linux"(kernel for installing),"root.bin"
and a folder (i named) "debian" 
with has "base2_2.tgz","drivers.tgz",folders to keep the downloaded .deb-files...

"magicboot" over here is:


"yaboot.conf" is:

--- from here ---

init-message = "\nWelcome to Linux\nHit <TAB> for boot options."
timeout = 250
default = linux

append = " video=video=aty128fb:vmode:12,cmode:16"

append = " video=offb"

--- to here ---

and it looks like
things are working ok
is this what

> you need a Apple_Bootstrap partition. 


> use ybin

that's another new thing to me
have to search for infomation related to that

didn't choose the spacebar-way
because PRam-clearings forces me to reset things again
"ybin" can get rid of that aspect of "spacebar"-bootings?

thank you


> windowmaker doesn't handle 16 bit color correctly on big endian
> hardware as i understand it.  use 24 bit color instead and windowmaker
> will be fine.  

this windowmaker trouble was to finally make me to hold a policy
"will be a midnight-commander...
 will turn my iBook into a prompt only DJ machine!
but now
beginning to think
"mmm...if i could play Flash-files on X .... that might be useful..."


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