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Re: Problem installing debian on G3 beige

On Sat, Jan 06, 2001 at 01:06:41PM -0800, Mark Jaroski wrote:
> > I installed it on a new hard disk.. I have macos on another hd
> > which is not installed.. 
> Ahhhh... It only supports two IDE drives... 

but I've got only a scsi drive connected to the adaptec controller..
Only the cdrom is ide.

> I had the same problem, so I took out the CD-ROM and replaced it
> with a scsi CD-Rom from an older Mac.

I installed the base system (base2_2.tgz) from the net via the
http access method (standard debian installation, like on i386).

I need to boot to finish installation..

> Does your machine have a Zip drive by any chance?  I really
> never had any luck trying to boot from floppies on the Beige G3,
> but if we could construct a Mac rescue disk with BootX you'll be
> in business very quickly.

no zip drive :( (but I can borrow it from friends)

Best Regards,
      Mirko Manea <mami@mami.net>
      URL: http://www.mami.net

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