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Re: XFree864.01, G4, Ati Rage Pro 128 & Apple Studio 17"

jon ewing wrote:

> Even so, using aty128fb I should (assuming I find the right timings and
> add them to my fb.modes) be able to fbset to a 1600x1200 mode, right?


> I also changed back to using aty128fb, changed the cmode down to 16,

BTW, anything other than cmode 8 is a waste of video RAM and speed as the
console only has 16 colors anyway.

> rebooted and tried fbset-ing to different modes - no difference.
> Interestingly (maybe?) I can't fbset to lower resolution modes either - it
> seems that if I use aty128fb I can only use 1280x1024;

This is weird. Do you give aty128fb any information about your monitor? Or
can't the aty128fb in 2.2 kernels really change resolutions?

> if i use the OFfb I can get a 1600x1200 console but still need to run X in
> 1280x1024.

offb does nothing more than preserve the video timings from MacOS or OF.

> I wonder if its the monitor that's causing the problem? According to the
> specs at the Apple site:
> http://www.apple.com/displays/asd17/specs.html
> The HSync can only operate at 80 kHz.

This may be a problem. None of the modes you tried had exactly 80 kHz, though
one of them was close (81.2 kHz).

> If I change my XF86Config to reflect this then *all* the 1600x1200 modes get
> deleted with HSync out of range.

Probably because none of them are exactly 80 kHz. Try specifying a small range

> Yet OS9 / OSX can both operate at that resolution. I've searched for
> XF86Config files designed for this monitor, eg
> http://www.linuxppc.org/blueg3/archive/files/XF86Config-AppleStudio
> but using this config and starting X causes my mac to emit one long beep,
> go blank and lock up. Rebooting and looking at the /var/log/XFree86.0.log
> tells me that the last thing X did before dieing was:
> (II) FBDev(0): Checking Modes against framebuffer device...

This is the fbdev driver. Have you specified the correct BusID?

What about using the mode(s) defined in that XF86Config with the r128 driver?


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