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Re: apmd and other archs

Avery Pennarun wrote:

> > > Not APM support exactly... simply support for the same interface.  Just
> > > like powermacs have totally different sound systems and still use
> > > /dev/dsp.
> > > /proc/apm and /dev/apm_bios are so simple that it should be easy to
> > > convince any power management system to provide those API's.
> >
> > The info logged to /proc/apm is currently logged to /etc/power/apm. I have
> Is this a typo?  Why is status information in /etc?

Because it's from pmud, which can't create /proc entries.

> > independent. I just don't see a good reason to change from pmud to apmd,
> > if that's what you're suggesting.
> It's always better, IMHO, to keep Linux userspace as similar as possible
> between different architectures.  If pmud has features that apmd doesn't
> have, or vice versa, I would rather merge them than keep them separate.  In
> the process, we might as well work on making the kernel interfaces similar
> too.  That's the whole _point_ of the kernel.

I agree there.


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