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Re: Re: Re: More Yaboot

On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Ethan Benson wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 11, 2000 at 02:43:37PM -0700, Sam Powers wrote:
> > 
> > hda7 is my bootstrap partition, everything before that is random whatevers
> from
> > hd setup.. hd:7\\:tbxi is the right thing to use in openfirmware, right?
> no hd:7,\\:tbxi  note the comma
oh, right, the comma.. i had that, but wasn't on the powerbook sending this

> > ## Comment out if you have a newworld compatible nvsetenv (ybin can
> > ## likely detect the incompatible version) when commented out ybin
> > ## will update the boot-device variable in OpenFirmware to the
> > ## bootstrap partition.  
> > nonvram
> comment out nonvram, since you run woody you have the updated
> powerpc-utils, this will fix OF for you and you won't have to fsck
> with OF setenv or boot commands.

hmm, when running ybin with nonvram commented out, i get:
ybin: Warning: Incompatible version of `nvsetenv', nvram will not be updated

> > also, is there somewhere i can get more info on openfirmware in this
> > wallstreet, like all the interesting variables in there like oem-banner,
> > oem-logo and stuff?
> they are part of the OpenFirmware specification, Apple does not
> document thier broken implementation of OF very well at all.  i think
> you have to pay for the OF spec, but i have an older draft copy in .ps
> format if you want it.  (warning: its huge, dry and boring)

No thanks. :)

Just tried changing yaboot.conf as you suggested.. since it can't do the
nvsetenv, i figure i've gotta boot into of to change the variable.. after
changing the conf (removed ofboot), i did ybin then mkofboot -v, is that the
right order? the of session looked something like this:

0 > setenv boot-device hd:7,\\:tbxi   ok
0 > boot  can't OPEN: hd:7,\\:tbxi
0 > set-defaults ok
0 > boot hd:7,\\yaboot
[kicked into macos]

Man, how I wish we just had a plain boot sector, and a nice working version of

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