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Re: pmud 0.7-1

On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Sergio Brandano wrote:
> Package: pmud
> Version: 0.7-1 (powerpc)
> Description of bug:
>  After wake-up on PowerBook G3 1999 (Lombard), the trackpad 
>  had the horizontal and vertical behaviour reversed. I mean, 
>  moving down the finger the cursor goes left (or was it right?),
>  moving it left the cursor goes down etc. After running the sleep
>  mode one more time, it went back to normal, but the double click
>  (tapping) disappeared.

Speaking of pmud, is there any way to have something run when the machine
wakes? my trackpad settings disappear on wake, and i figure doing trackpad
notap on wake might help that..

also, is there any way to make wake from sleep a bit faster? it was pretty fast
when i tried it in macos x, way faster than macos, which is about on par with
using pmud.. of course, i know linux isn't macos x, and they obviously have
better docs than our kernel guys, but if it could possibly wake up faster, it'd
be nice to have.

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