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Re: More Yaboot

On Tue, Oct 10, 2000 at 04:21:30PM -0700, Sam Powers wrote:
> I'm trying to do the yaboot thing on my Wallstreet powerbook, and having some
> trouble.. the guide said if you had a pismo or something equally new, you could
> just reboot and hold down option.. but it appears that i have to play around in
> open firmware, and i've tried that, but when i set the boot-device variable (to
> hd:7,\\:tbxi) and type boot, it says it can't OPEN it..
> what am I doing wrong? i got the bootstrap partition set up right, and i'm
> pretty sure my yaboot conf is correct..

only thing i can think of from what you say here is you have the
partition number wrong.  

you could try the yaboot package from proposed-updates with the new
powerpc-utils package then ybin will set the OF variable for you.  

if your bootstrap partition is before any macos partitions you should
also be able to just reset OF to defaults and have it Just Work.  to
do that hold down the 'command option p r' keys while cold booting the

it would also help to see your yaboot.conf.  

Ethan Benson

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